Useful font conversion tool

I was trying today to convert a Mac .ttc (TrueType Collection) font file to use on Windows 10 and came across Transfonter. This allows you to upload a .ttc file and it splits it up into individual .ttf (TrueType Font) files.

Oddly some of the .ttc files I transferred over were able to be installed directly without the need of this tool. Others it didn’t work so not sure what that is about but Transfonter took care of those.

Really tired of the Republican deception that “high crimes and misdemeanors” requires an actual crime. Unfortunately nobody seems to take the context of time the phrase was written into account. So frustrating.

Glad to see the New York Times endorsed my choice for the Democratic primary, Amy Klobuchar. I think she’s got a much better chance than Elizabeth Warren in the general election. Also interesting than they endorsed both women!

“Our collective privacy problem is not your fault”

Ran across this gem of an article the other day on Reddit. Privacy and technology is a big issue right now and this article does a wonderful job of, rightfully, placing the blame for current problems right back on the companies producing the software and devices we’re all using.

Happy New Year/New Decade!

So here we are, finally in 2020 and a brand new decade. Lots of expectations of myself this year, more writing being one of those things.

I’ve been reading a bit today and am always amused by those that seem to take issue with using dates as a means to mark events. Sivers is way off, at least in how he’s communicating this thoughts in that piece. What is wrong with choosing a date as a starting point if that helps you achieve your goals?

This particular paragraph really got me though:

The fourth Thursday in November is not when I feel most thankful. The 14th of February is not when I celebrate my romantic relationship. To force these celebrations on universal dates disconnects them from the meaning they’re supposed to celebrate. It’s thoughtless.

Why does it disconnect them from that meaning? What is wrong with saying “hey, this particular day every year we’re going to set aside for people to come together and give thanks?” It doesn’t mean that’s the only day someone has to personally give thanks. Humans have always marked days like this, its part of being the social animal we are. Nobody is saying these are the only markers one has to have personally. The article seems like nothing more than a bunch of sour grapes to me.

I never thought I’d see the day but today buying marijuana became legal in Illinois and people lined up in droves to get the stuff. Good. I have never understood the distinction between pot and alcohol. Hopefully more states will follow.