• It’s official. Have moved my meager blogging over here to micro.blog from WordPress.com!

  • Amused by this Apple Maps satellite view of the hotel where I just stayed.

  • Google fail. The entrance to Fordham University is about a quarter mile further down the road. Somehow Apple Maps knows this. If I put in the address Fordham says to use for mapping Google then works properly and Apple Maps fails.

  • Pretty sure I’m going to be moving my domain name currently used at my WordPress blog here. Really liking this setup.

  • Came very close to either being dead or seriously injured along with my 15-yr old son about an hour ago. Coming around a blind corner going under a railroad bridge. Speed goes from 50 down to 35 as you come into the town we live in. So was going 50 in the right-hand lane and someone was stopped in the lane just after the turn. No hazards.

    Thank god nobody was in the left lane so I could swerve. And they started moving again after I almost rammed them.

    Still cleaning the mess out of my pants.

  • Michael Tsai:

    Forums have always been somewhat hit-or-miss, hilariously bad advice mixed in with really insightful stuff that you wouldn’t get from an official source. From my perspective, what has been getting worse lately is that it’s harder to find solutions via general Web searches. I keep running into outdated advice and pages that are filler/SEO content that doesn’t answer the question, even incorrectly.

    This is a real problem. Often I get answers that are 3+ years old when searching on things in Google. Google does have a timeframe option in which to restrict search results but the default, at least for many technical topics, is a non-starter. It would be nice if the results were restricted to the last year and have a section for older, but potentially relevant, results. If the relevance of results are still based on links to the result, etc. I would think this would be doable without killing search results too much. After all, the in-result ads aren’t years old…

  • Have to say I’m really enjoying this micro.blog thing created by @manton so far. Something about the Musk announcement about buying Twitter really jarred something loose for me. I have no plans at the moment to leave Twitter as it’s still too useful for me. I am however loving the micro.blog experience so far.

  • First nice day in quite awhile so went for a walk…

  • Sofa king tired of stock-based 529 plans being the only realistic way to get decent rates of return on money for college then having them get destroyed by the gyrations of the damned market. Absolutely infuriating.

  • Just knew I shouldn’t have started playing with Craft again today on the Mac…

  • I’ve been thinking a bit today on the notes thing, what app to use, etc. Thinking more along the lines of how often do I really use the advanced features of Obsidian vs. the joy I get out of creating notes in Craft? I’ve been concentrating a lot on the monetary cost but there are other costs as well. Have I been contemplating those?

  • Have been reading through the micro.blog documentation and pretty excited to be back giving this a go. Love the respectful community here.

  • Still missing @smokey here. Really wonder what happened to him. So weird to me that someone would be so prolific then just stop completely posting everywhere aside from having a health issue. Hope he’s OK.

  • OK folks, have been wandering in the desert looking for a hosting option. Back here after stop-offs at WordPress and Blot. Blot is awesome but no community. WordPress has community but too hard to post to == too much friction. Giving micro.blog a shot again.

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