RedHat/JBoss – does Charles Babcock know what he is actually writing about?

I just read an article titled "Red Hat Seizes An Opening" in the 4/17 issue of Information Week in which Charles Babcock talks about whether the Red Hat/JBoss merger is enough to do battle with the likes of IBM, etc. He harps on several things that annoy me because they really are non-issues. For instance:

"The JBoss stack doesn't have its own webserver"

Neither does Websphere or Oracle Application Server. They're both based on Apache. Is there some reason why Apache isn't also suitable for use as a web server in the RH/JB stack? That being said JBoss has their own web server project in the works so what is the issue?

He also notes that the JBoss stack doesn't have its own ESB. Given the open source nature of both Red Hat and JBoss I see no reason why using one of the open source ESBs such as Mule is not an option. The article claims that JBoss is writing their own. Not sure I understand why they would do that given the availability of projects like Mule but even given that there are open source ESBs available for use in the RH/JB stack.

Seems like a bunch of noise to me. I wonder why they call this garbage journalism.

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