Why isn’t Yahoo! or Google providing free IMAP?

I was looking around this evening for a provider of free IMAP and found that neither of the two biggies offers it. Yahoo! is especially interesting given that they support folders and such in their web email interface. However if you move items from your inbox to any other folder you lose your ability to get the mail via POP3 hence the desire for IMAP.

Who offers free IMAP support and 2GB of storage? AOL of all places via aim.com. Not only is AOL leading Yahoo! and Google in this one specific area but their calendar application is leaps and bounds above the ancient calendar that Yahoo! offers. Their web email application is also hot on the heels of Yahoo!’s beta offering. It’s pretty disappointing to see Yahoo! really crawling in these areas. Pipes is fantastic but I use email and calendaring far more often.

I’m holding out hope that when Apple finally releases the iPhone that Yahoo! will start offering IMAP to everyone (or at the very least subscribers to their “plus” services in addition to iPhone users).

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