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A couple of weeks ago I started the process of using David Allen‘s Getting Things Done personal management methodology. GTD appeals to me because of the way it starts off in dealing with the day-to-day stuff before moving on to the “higher level” stuff like life goals, etc. Why? Because if you’re not dealing effectively with the small day-to-day issues then you really won’t have the ability to give energy and productive thought to the bigger issues. It definitely is a bottom-up method.

So far so good and I’m not expecting miracles at this point. David Allen says that it usually takes a person 2 years before the method (this in a podcast talking to Merlin Mann of Coming from being so disorganized its definitely going to take me a while to get the steps set as habits. I’m already finding it challenging to follow the workflow all of the time. I have to constantly remind myself to do it but I suspect thats normal trying to use this system coming from none 😉

One thought on “Starting GTD

  1. Hi Jason, welcome to the club. You will probably find that starting GTD is not that difficult, but really keeping it up after a week, after a month, and after a year – that is a real challenge.

    I think you will soon discover the benefits of a (possibly partially implemented) GTD system, especially if you think you are really disorganized.

    Just a few pointers: check the GTD Index at if you haven’t already; you will find many blogs, sites and people that can provide a helping hand with GTD.

    Good luck!


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