Kathy Sierra, Hani Suleiman, and Tim Bray

I know this subject has been covered a lot in the last week but I’ve been on vacation and am just getting around to reading a lot of the various opinions on what happened to Kathy Sierra and other items that somehow relate.

At some point I came across this post by Tim Bray where he asks his readers the question(s):

A couple of years ago I and another person were talking this over and proposed a scenario: suppose one of Hani’s victims were mugged by four or five random hoodlums and beaten up severely, while the hoodlums made witty and amusing remarks to entertain the passers-by and watchers. Would the violence be OK because of the leavening with humor? I don’t think so. So why is what Hani does OK?

Obviously the physical violence would not be OK. What a stupid question to pose. Any rightly-thinking individual knows this situation would not be OK. Why is what Hani does OK? Because he isn’t:

  1. Committing an act of physical violence.
  2. Threatening any acts of physical violence.

At the worst he’s offending someone’s sensibilities.

Is it really that hard to understand how the Bile Blog is nothing like the situation Kathy Sierra has found herself in? The swearing is Hani’s shtick. I don’t happen to think it’s too funny but I also don’t think he needs to end it. Please Tim…think a bit before posting that stuff.

Regarding Kathy Sierra…I have been reading Creating Passionate Users for years and love what she has to say. The Head First books are also excellent. I understand that she has been really shaken up but to stop blogging because of turds like the ones responsible for the material that shook her up isn’t the right solution. Kathy you are providing a valuable service to a lot of people. Please don’t let these asshats (thanks Hani) keep you from doing the great job you’ve been doing for years now.

One last thought: if the so-called “A-listers” are all like Chris Locke God help us.

3 thoughts on “Kathy Sierra, Hani Suleiman, and Tim Bray

  1. yes, it’s horrible what happened to kathy, but to put hani or any other bellicose java blogger in the same capacity as those who convey death threats or physical harm is just stupid. tim wasn’t the only one to make that comparison.


  2. The bileblog was started to poke fun at blogging. However like any joke, it starts to get old and then you start to wonder what it really is about. Is Hani in the same category as those issuing death threats to Kathy? OF course not! However this doesn’t mean that the bileblog isn’t spiteful or causes no harm. IMHO, it is time that Hani hung up the bileblog or come up with some new stick. As for Kathy, hang in there, justice will be served.


  3. Hey Kirk (long time…I haven’t been on Straight Talking Java in ages)….

    Like I said I don’t find the bileblog funny but as you stated the original intent was as a joke. Jokes do get old but I still don’t find it to be that big of a deal. Adults should be thick-skinned enough to take what amounts to playground antics, which is exactly what bileblog amounts to.

    I suspect that as long as Hani is getting the readers he’ll keep doing the bileblog.


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