Ziploc bags are recyclable

So I might be the last person on the planet who knows this information but I was really upset that the bags don’t have the recycling logo on them. I went and looked it up on their web site and the bags are code 4 (polyethylene plastic).

On a similar note I also found that most baby bottles are recyclable. The problem? Most of these items are not showing the recycling number. How are people supposed to know to put these items in the recycling bin when its time without any easy to see indicator?

We have been tossing out lots of Ziploc bags in the past because we just didn’t know they could be recycled. I know now but a lot of plastic could have been kept out of the garbage dump had Ziploc put the logo on their damn bags.

Now we just need to figure out a way to reuse the bags more (or better yet not use them at all).

3 thoughts on “Ziploc bags are recyclable

  1. thanks for the info! I was wondering the same thing! One other question: I read that the zip lock had to be removed. Does anyone know if that’s true?


  2. Mary thanks for posting. The Ziploc website actually doesn’t say anything about removing the zipper part of the bag. It just says make sure you can recycle code 4 plastics. However a lot of websites seem to indicate that you must remove the zip portion.


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