Week 10 – Federal Plaza Farmers Market – 7/17/07

Wow. This week turned out to be kind of a bummer. I bought a quart of golden raspberries from a booth that turned out to be moldy.

I had my eye on a nice looking pint container of the same berries. I was approached by one of the people working the booth and they told me that the quart was only $1 more. The ones on top looked OK so I thought it made more sense to get the bigger size for only $1 more. I got the berries home and went to wash them and found out the ones down below were full of mold. Needless to say I was pretty ticked off and those folks will hear from me next week.

Other than that the take this week was:

  • 5 ears of corn for $2 picked the night before. They looked fantastic.
  • 2 State Fair apples which also looked fantastic.

Those items came from the nice folks at Nichols Farm.

Those items

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