Week 11 – Federal Plaza Farmers Market – 7/24/07

Well, after a disappointing week last week I had some really great finds this week. But first of all, wow! What a selection! I guess it shouldn’t be too shocking to find out that in the middle of summer there is not going to be a dearth of options at a farmers market. The fact though that I’ve actively been paying attention to what is available basically from the beginning of this particular market really makes clear the point made over at More Deliberate Every Day of micro-seasons.

Micro-seasons? Sure. We have the big four but each of those (and most obviously I think Spring and Summer) splits up into smaller seasons where different types of foods come and go. Spring for instance starts off with things like the first kinds of lettuce that are only available for a short time (or things like ramps for that matter). Then we move into the short strawberry/rhubarb season. Summer is no different. Right now we are getting the first apples, good corn, etc. I think you get the idea.

So what is available now and what did I get? I will not keep you in suspense any longer 🙂

The Take

  • From my friends at Nichols Farm
    • German Butterball Potatoes
    • Green Beans
    • Wax Beans
    • Apples
      • Duchess
      • Mantet
      • Pristine
    • Tropea Onions
  • From Hillside Orchards in Berrien Springs, MI
    • Organic Arctic Glo Nectarines
  • From Klug Orchards in Berrien Center, MI
    • Purple Sugar Plums

The Tropea onions are supposed to be good grilled but unfortunately I have to wait until this weekend to try them (along with the always-fantastic grilled corn). I did have the opportunity to have some of the plums which were very good and the nectarines which were just absolutely fantastic. I knew I was in for a treat with those just from the smell but biting in to them was just an explosion of flavor. They were at the perfect ripeness. Wow! (Mom also got some….you’re welcome Mom).

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