Garden Progress – 8/6/07

It has been a good season so far. I’m pretty sure my cucumber plant is about done. I just picked what looks to be the last cucumber off it tonight and I didn’t see any new buds or flowers indicating that we’d be getting more.

The zucchini plant is still producing like crazy and I have to keep cutting parts of it back so that my herbs and onions aren’t covered by the leaves. I never expected to get so much from those plants.

The carrots and radishes have been interesting for several reasons. I have never planted carrots before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just dug up a small grouping this past weekend to see how things were going because I have no idea how long it was going to take to get something large enough to be edible. Nothing that I dug up was astounding. I had a couple that were large enough to eat but not what I would like in a carrot. I had lots of small ones that were just not usable. I think next year I’m going to have to be a lot more careful how I’m planting the seeds but they’re so small it was hard not to plant too many. I thinned them as well per the seed packet but I don’t think I thinned enough. The same goes for the radishes. They’re both experiments this year 🙂

My orange peppers are finally starting to turn orange (the ones that are big enough anyhow) and the tomato plant has been giving us a nice steady stream of tomatoes. Next year I want to plant more tomato varieties so that we can have an earlier supply and one that matures later. The flavor of what we planted though is fantastic. There just isn’t anything like a fresh tomato from the garden.

The pumpkin plant has been a real surprise. Given my last experience I wasn’t expecting a whole lot but this year we have one medium-sized pumpkin that is starting to turn orange and two smaller ones that are still growing. Since I wasn’t expecting anything really I’ll take what we’re getting 😉

I’m going to wait on the onions until sometime next month. As with the carrots/radishes I’m just not sure what to expect and its kind of hard to tell what is happening underground. They’ll sit tight for a bit more.

I am already starting to get ready for next year though. Black plastic sheeting went down over a section of the lawn right next to my current spot to kill off all the grass and weeds in that area. That area also gets more sunlight during the day so it should be better for certain plants.

What have I learned so far? Planting close together in the garden is definitely a great way to keep the weeds down to a minimum once the plants have matured enough. I’ve barely had to weed once the veggies became established. I also learned that I should be putting down mulch 😉 It certainly would have helped keep the moisture levels more even and meant less watering.

I’m already looking forward to the seed catalogs in the winter…

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