Week 12 – Federal Plaza Farmers Market – 7/31/07

As has been the case for over a month now the selection of items at the market has been fantastic. However I’ve been finding that buying the things that are not as hardy, like berries, just isn’t such a great idea since I have such a long train ride home. Even items like peaches don’t seem to do well during transport home so this week I just decided to buy some veggies and fruit that can take the trip (read: apples). Here is the take for this week (all from my friends at Nichols Farm:

  • Beans
    • green
    • wax
  • Red Mars onions
  • Apples
    • Summer Red
    • Hazen
    • Zestar
  • White corn

I’m looking forward to the Fall selection of apples coming up soon and the other autumn items (squash anyone?) but I’m certainly going to miss the summer stuff. I’ll remember the nectarines for a long time 🙂

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