Farmers Market while Traveling – Pittsford, NY

We stopped at the Tuesday edition of the Pittsford farmers market just to check it out. I was just curious to see how things were in places other than the Chicago area. The market was fairly small with about 5 vendors tucked into the back parking lot of a strip mall near downtown Pittsford. The quality of the produce was fantastic however and we ended up picked up a cucumber, a cantaloupe, and a small bag of Williams Pride apples.

I do have to say that the people manning the booths seemed friendlier than what I’m used to in Chicago. Not that those people aren’t friendly but the people at this market were far more willing to talk to us and one of the women even gave my daughter a free apple. Big deal? Maybe not but its good customer service and it costs them virtually nothing.

I had hoped to get to the bigger market in downtown Rochester but there just wasn’t enough time.

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