Local food in Pittsford/Rochester, NY

The grocery chain in Pittsford is Wegmans. Every time my wife and I have been here to visit her parents I have been impressed with their flagship store that is located in Pittsford. I was even more impressed on this go-around. Local produce was very prominent up front and very well labeled. The names of the farms the produce came from was there as was a story of the farm itself.

I only wish that anything in our area came so close but we only have the huge chains in our area who don’t seem to have any interest in dealing with local farmers. If there is local food there is no labeling as to where it came from. Even Whole Foods, who claims to support local famers, has never come this close, at least in the Chicago-area stores where I’ve been, to giving local food the prominence it deserves.

In fact, this summer Whole Foods in Deerfield, IL has not had any local produce beyond some lettuce from Wisconsin. Last year they had a lot more throughout the summer. What the hell is going on with that chain? I realize that as a big chain that it just isn’t as easy to deal with items outside of your supply chain but come on. How hard can it be to work with local food producers during the growing season to get their food into the store? Whole Foods needs to shift back to worrying more about getting the food miles out of what they sell vs. worrying about organic food. Is mega-farm organic really that great? It certainly is better than mega-farm conventional but in many cases the stuff I’m buying at Whole Foods is conventional these days. If they’re going to be doing that they should be have their district/regional managers working more closely with local farms to get food that is as fresh as possible on their shelves.

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