Thoughts on An Event Apart Chicago 2007

Well, An Event Apart Chicago 2007 just wrapped up (brought to you by the folks at Happy Cog and Eric Meyer) and all I can say is WOW! What a conference! If you take a look at the schedule you can see just what an incredible line-up we had at this event.

What sticks out in my mind immediately is that there was never a boring moment. Oh…some of the talks were more hard-core than others (Louis Rosenfeld on search analytics and Eric Meyer’s CSS talks for example) but there was such a wonderful breadth of information provided that attendees were never loaded down with too much of the same material at once. That along with the strict timing of 1 hour for each talk followed by a 15 minute break really made for a well-run conference that was just fantastic to be a part of. The facilities and food were wonderful as well. Thanks all around to the wonderful people at An Event Apart.

Being a server-side Java guy the one thing I do not get to do often (hell….at all really) is talk to designers so being able to hear thoughts on writing copy by Jeffrey Zeldman, site design by Jason Santa Maria, etc. was simply fantastic. I had pretty high expectations but this met those and went way beyond what I expected. I can not recommend this conference highly enough. It simply was that good.

Better yet I’ve really been inspired to get my butt in gear and write in my blog(s) much more often than I do (among other creative endeavors). I keep coming up with the excuse that there isn’t enough time but that really isn’t true and doing so enables me to not only hone my writing blades but also to maybe help others out in different ways (code lightbulb moments and/or goofs here or maybe tips on sustainability over at Greenability). At any rate it was inspiring to say the least. That is the biggest thing I took that away from the conference and I’m really glad I was able to go.

Would have been worth the $800 of my own money had work not been paying 😉

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on An Event Apart Chicago 2007

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Just in case work won’t pay for me to go again in the future, I’m going to start saving up for next time. I work for a small non-profit, so I was VERY lucky to have them pay this time…but I don’t expect them to do this for me over and over.

    An Event Apart Chicago was so good that I would recommend it to anyone, anytime. I met some great people I wouldn’t have otherwise. We’ve agreed to keep in touch and have already started doing so.

    I learned a lot and had so much fun! I recommend staying one or two extra days, if possible. One day prior to and one day following the event…just to partake of the fun and frolic of the folks in attendance. Oddly enough, a bunch of web geeks, when thrown together can become a lot less introverted.

    Bravo, Zeldman, Meyer & cronies. Great event!


  2. Bridget-

    I might do the same for next year since alumni get $100 off now 😉 Actually my workplace just cut non-essential training and unfortunately I think this would fall under that realm now for me since I’m a programmer. I’m glad the conference is past now 😉

    Thanks for the comment!

    Jeffrey linked to this posting on his wrap-up page and the visits to my little blog here have gone through the roof! Not many comments but lots of visitors. Thanks to you too Jeffrey!


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