Garden Wrap-Up – 9/1/07

Well the garden is pretty much done. We had so much rain here last month, especially over the last 2 weeks, that most of what I had remaining just didn’t make it because there was too much water pooling up in the garden area. I pulled out the zucchini and tomato plants and the peppers are about ready to go too. I was only able to get one good pepper of the right size before we had to head out of town last month and there are two more on the plant but they are tiny.

Three of the four herbs I planted (sage, basil, thyme, rosemary) are still OK. The sage plant died because of the water. I suspect those will be going strong until the weather gets too cold. I may try and bring the rosemary indoors to see if I can keep it going through the winter.

The three pumpkins I ended up having seem like they’re pretty much ready to cut. I’m thinking I should be able to cut those off with a long stem and keep them in the basement where it’s cool until we are ready for them next the end of this month.

I did pull up some of the onions and need to get the rest in along with the carrots and any radishes that might be good.

Overall I’m pretty happy with what we got out of the small plot of land we used for our garden this year. Next year we’ll have more room and that bit of ground gets a bit more sun so I know what I need to plant there next year. Lots of good experience this year though so that is the best thing 🙂

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