Week 17 – Federal Plaza Farmers Market – 9/4/07

Beautiful day for the market but there were lots of vendors missing. Not sure what the deal is. The standard response I got when I mentioned it to others was “yeah but its September” which is fine but the vendors who were there seemed to have plenty of stuff for sale. Nichols Farm had 30 varieties of apples for sale this week but I’m made that I ended up missing the Wolf River apples. I really like those but I was very happy to see the Cox’s Orange Pippens and I’m really looking forward to Northern Spy for pie. What I really need to do is find out how to put apples in long-term storage for winter. Prairie Spy apparently stores very well so I need to find out how to make this stuff last….if only even for pies during the winter 😉

This weeks take (all from Nichols Farm):

  • Apples
    • Cortland
    • Cox’s Orange Pippen
    • Sweet Sixteen
    • Prairie Spy
  • Other Stuff

    • zucchini
    • garlic
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