72 degrees

I am not understanding why anyone would set their home air conditioner to maintain 72 degrees.

While listening to a podcast from NPR Climate Connections about the energy costs of heating and cooling they discuss the impact to the environment, in terms of CO2 production, of both heating and cooling your home. The bigger cost was from heating coming in at a whopping 6,400 pounds of CO2 for natural gas heat (they don’t mention what temperature setting this coincided with). What got me though was not the cooling cost but the temperature they use as the baseline to determine your energy savings if you increase that temperature. You guessed it: 72 degrees.

I find it almost insane that someone would keep their house that cool in the summer. I have a small house and if I kept the thermostat set at 72 not only would I be absolutely freezing but the AC would run far too much. I have talked to several people though who do keep their thermostat set at 72 (and some even lower). Pardon me but that is just nuts.

I keep my thermostat set at 77 and it cycles on and off too much for my tastes 😉 And we have a small house… I just can’t imagine the cost of cooling a large house to 72 degrees during summer. Not only a huge hit to the pocketbook but also to the environment.

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