So Angry

I am just furious right now and so tired I wish I could write more eloquently about this but in the interest of going to bed with this out of my system I just have to say what the f**k is with people like Senator Kit Bond of Missouri?

Senators John Warner and Joe Lieberman are co-sponsoring legislation that would require 70% cuts in greenhouse gases by 2050 and the are seeking comments from other senators. Kit Bond’s answer is that doing so would hurt the economy.

Who the fuck are these people kidding? Are they so clueless that they can’t see the business opportunities staring them in the face? Are they so beholden to corporate lobbyists and their own contributors that they’re willing to sell their grandchildren and the rest of us down the river? It is simply appalling.

What happened to the United States taking a leadership role in this whole thing? Terrorism is a spit in the bucket compared to whats coming down the line at us if we (the US and the world) continue on the course we’re headed.

I am so flabbergasted by this crap I can barely think. Seriously. This stuff is just criminal.

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