Week 20 – Federal Plaza Farmers Market – 9/25/07

I’ve not bought anything at the last couple of Tuesday markets. I’ve been extremely busy at work and did not have the time to make it over the prior two weeks. I finally got a chance to get there this past Tuesday and Fall was in full effect in the vegetables available at the market. Lots of apples, squash, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, etc.

My friends at Nichols Farm had their usual, wonderful selection of apples and I picked up about 6 to try some heirloom apples that I haven’t had a chance to try yet as well as a newer variety.

  • Roxbury Russet
  • Fameuse
  • Suncrisp

The Suncrisp variety is a pretty new (in the scheme of things) cross of the Golden Delicious and Cox Orange Pippen apples. Fameuse, also known as a Snow Apple because of its white flesh, is a very old variety mainly grown in Quebec. Roxbury Russet is known as the oldest apple variety in the United States, first being planted in Roxbury, MA (now a neighborhood in Boston) during the 1600’s. Both Fameuse and Roxbury are supposed to be great dessert apples.

4 more weeks to go for the market. It wraps up for the year on October 31st and boy will I miss it once it’s gone. But then there is always something to look forward to next May…

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