Friedman is right – what the hell has happened to us?

Kottke posted this story, 9/11 is over, by Thomas Friedman. Friedman is right, 9/11 is over. It was over a long time ago. What the hell has happened to us?

Being an American is almost embarrassing these days (and to those who would tell me to go live somewhere else, stuff it. I was born here). In days when we are asking Congress for yet another $190 billion for the war in Iraq, which most people want nothing to do with anymore and who want our troops back home, our President is about to veto a $35 billion dollar healthcare program for children claiming that it is a middle-class entitlement and that it goes beyond what the original program set out to do (and the majority of people do want this program). What the hell is wrong with this country?

As a nation we’ve become war-mongering, fear-pushing losers. Environmental problems? Bah. TERRORISM! Dwindling value of the dollar? Bah. TERRORISM I say!

I really hope this country comes to it’s senses during the next election and puts someone in office who can move us forward instead of someone who keeps us on this never-ending path of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

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