Organic is a useless term?

Via More Deliberate Every Day comes this article which is an interview with Alton Brown. The story’s author asks Brown:

Are there any innovations in the food world that you’re excited about?

To which he responds:

I’m excited about the fact that people are finally starting to put aside useless terms like ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable,’ and concentrating on words like ‘local’ — words that actually have meaning and have relation to our lives.

I’d agree that the term “local” has meaning but I’d definitely disagree with him that the term “organic” is useless. I would have to say that I think it means less today than it might have in the past given the move towards food conglomerate-sized organic farming but it still means something. I’d trust organic food, regardless of source, more than conventional. I’d trust it more for me and I’d trust it more for my kids. I’d trust it more for the planet. The term isn’t useless but it is over-used.

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