Local food on local TV

Last night one of the local Chicago television stations, the ABC affiliate, did a nice report on heirloom apples. The report centered on none other than my buddies over at Nichols Farm as well as a Chicago restaurant named Spring that is using some of the heirloom varieties in their creations.

Nichols Farm has a lot more variety than I thought they did. The report claims about 200 different types of apples which would rival what I’ve heard about from Tree-mendus over in Michigan. Unfortunately unlike Tree-mendus they don’t have sales at the farm. I have to say though that its pretty neat to know that a place that is literally within a short driving distance has that great variety of apples (as well as other vegetables).

I also found out as a result of that report that Chicago does have a farmers market that continues on through December after most of the others stop. The Green City Market moves indoors for November and December. I’m going to have to check that one out on a Wednesday.


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