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The other night I was ordering some clothing (a new coat and some slip-on moc shoes if you must know) from Lands End and had a fantastic experience…for most of it anyhow.

I have to say that they have done a wonderful job in the shopping experience. The site is quite easy to navigate and finding the color, size, etc. you need is really easy. They have also done a fantastic job in the support of the buying process when you need help on such things as what the definition of Tall means, etc.

Great. But they have totally failed after the sale is over (an area I believe that has done wonderfully). Where do I see my orders? Where are the easy to click links for tracking those orders? Come on guys. This stuff really is not that hard.

Listing my orders

If I sign in to the My Account section of the Lands End site nowhere to be found is a listing of my orders currently in process. In fact nowhere on the site can you find such a listing. Again this stuff is not hard. Have a page that shows my in-process orders, the stage at which they are in whole process, etc. When the order has shipped have a link to the proper shipping site that already has the information embedded so that I don’t have to input it. Lots of other sites that are a lot smaller than Lands End/Sears are doing this.

They are relying on my to use the email that is sent when the order is placed. Really poor design guys.

Tracking my orders

OK so I still have the email with my order number. Wonderful. I can track it that way. Oops. Not so fast. The link provided takes me to the right page on their website for order tracking but it doesn’t have the number populated in the text input. I have to copy and paste it in. Clicking the button then forwards me to the UPS tracking page with my information already input so that the tracking information comes right up.

Yeah. Rewind just a bit. They know how to do this on the order tracking page but they haven’t figured out that a clickable list available right my from account page would be good too. Odd.

The other thing I don’t get is why not just have a clickable link in the email that goes directly to the UPS site with the relevant tracking number already set up?

Wrap Up

So kudos to Lands End for most of the experience because the shopping experience itself is fantastic. They really need to work on the follow-up though. They have great customer service but it isn’t showing there.

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  1. Interesting analysis. Very thoughtful – so few people actually take the time to document the usability of their online shopping experiences.

    You might consider posting things like this on as well – it’s a consumer website where people share their experiences at stores – in their neighborhoods, online, etc. Information like this is very valuable.


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