– like…wow!

I’m used to using WordPress and occasionally I’ve checked out Blogger to see what their setup is like but usually it left me feeling pretty empty. That was until yesterday.

In fact I was left really impressed. So impressed in fact that I just finished moving my other blog, Greenability over there. Here’s why.

  1. Free custom domain name
    Gotta pay $10 a year for that with
  2. Google Analytics
    ’nuff said.
  3. Ability to edit templates (HTML *and* CSS)
    Again a pay-for feature with that isn’t anywhere near as flexible.
  4. Ability to use JavaScript

So item 4 is really, really fantastic. With JavaScript not only can I use Google Analytics but I can use Sitemeter more efficiently since that requires JavaScript. I can use Google Gadgets as well. I can create my own widgets or use widgets that others have created. I actually just did that with a tag cloud. Very cool stuff.

I realize that Blogger is owned by Google and that Google has nearly bottomless cash reserves but quite honestly I don’t see why the guys can’t do the same things. At the very least open up JavaScript to open things up a bit. WordPress certainly is far better in other respects. The admin UI is much nicer and it does give a hell of a lot more flexibility in many respects (static pages, etc. since it really isn’t just a blogging platform but more of a content management system) but I have my own website for that type of stuff. I really just want blogging.

Anyhow…I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point this blog moves there. That stuff is almost to good to pass up. However since I just paid $10 for using my custom domain here I’m going to get my money’s worth for awhile 😉

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  1. I remember when you didn’t know why I was using Blogger and not WordPress. This was at Intelligentsia a long time ago. 😀


  2. Yes and you never mentioned any of this at that time so I have to assume you didn’t know either 🙂


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