“Learnings” is not a word!!!!

I keep coming across people using “learnings” as a word in documents. Here is an example (scroll down to the bottom and you’ll spot it). Just a note for the incompetent: “learnings” is not a word. Go look it up in the dictionary…I dare you. See what comes up? “Learning”.

If you want to sound like Borat then keep using “learnings”. If you want to sound competent try “lessons learned”.

4 thoughts on ““Learnings” is not a word!!!!

  1. If I remember correctly it is Mr Bush’s fault. Eight years ago my roommate gave me a book with examples where he got challenged by the English language. There had been a dictionary section in it which was called “Bushisms” listing “learnings”.

    What are the learnings from that?


  2. I don’t use ‘learnings’, but it strikes me as no less correct than ‘teachings.’ The dictionary doesn’t describe every word in the English language, and it certainly lags behind the development of language. Language is a living entity; it changes and evolves constantly. Your lack of experience with a new word, or use of an existing word, and the dictionary’s lack of a definition does not make a new word not a word.


  3. Sean-

    Teachings isn’t a word either so they’re on equal footing.

    I am well aware that language is a living entity and dictionaries are updated to reflect that. However the best reference to words in the English language is an English dictionary and “learnings” isn’t in the dictionary.

    I’d probably give the whole thing a pass if it were being used as slang but clearly that isn’t the case. If you’re going to use a word in a professional business document make sure it’s a real one. Certainly that isn’t asking much.


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