LED christmas lights

Christmas lights are definitely not very eco-friendly in their usual form. I do love them though and this year I started the move to the LED variety. Maybe those aren’t even eco-friendly but they are a damn sight better than the traditional type (4-5 watts vs 40 or so on average). I have my lights on a timer and I don’t do the Christmas Vacation style of lighting so I don’t feel too guilty about it.

So this year we have three strings of “white” LEDs along the rooflines of the house and they actually look pretty cool. They’re definitely more of a very-cool-white variety to the point they’re almost a light shade of purple but they look pretty cool nonetheless.

I did find something even cooler at the local Menards hardware store last night though. GE is making solar-powered LED christmas lights. Had I known about those before I would have purchased them for outside because from a power use standpoint you can’t get much better than powered by sunlight 😉 Maybe next year….

On another note….it has been awhile since I’ve written here. Over the last couple of months I’ve been doing the job search thing and started my new job last week so things have been pretty busy. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things after this week once my new routine becomes…well…routine again.

2 thoughts on “LED christmas lights

  1. Here’s my question. I love Christmas lights and really want to hang them up, even though I’m trying to green myself pretty rapidly. Soooo, if I decide to be bad and hang lights, would it be to hang up the old ones and use tons of energy, or buy new ones and send the old ones of the landfill?


  2. Like I said….I’m gradually moving to LEDs. And I don’t see it as good/bad necessarily…just worse/better choices 😉 But for most it wouldn’t be economically viable to move quickly so do the best you can. Hate to say this but something is better than nothing and the world isn’t going to melt down if you don’t replace all of your Christmas lights this year 🙂


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