And so it starts, or, I’m thinking about the garden

Hard to believe it’s February 1st already. We just had a pretty big snowstorm and with all of the white stuff on the ground (and everywhere else for that matter) outside and the muscles aching from shoveling said white stuff it is odd in a way to start thinking about the garden.

This is the first year I’m planning on really starting early by starting my own seeds indoors, etc. I suppose I really started last summer when I covered a big section of my back lawn with thick black plastic sheeting to kill off the grass and weeds for a new vegetable garden section. I never have started planning anything in winter though.

My usual routine is to visit one of the good local garden centers sometime in May and pick up my already-started stuff there but this year I want a better selection so the best bet is to do the starting myself and now is the time to start making those choices.

It’s funny because in my travels around the blogosphere I’ve heard people refer to seed catalogs as “vegetable pornography” and never quite got it until I received my own copy of the Cook’s Garden catalog in the mail. Striking colors, fantastic photography, wonderful combinations, loads and loads of choices. It really is mind-boggling and, well, almost pornographic.

So in the next couple of weeks we’ll make the seed choices and order and see where we go from there. I certainly am looking forward to the garden this year. Nothing quite like fresh veggies picked right from your own piece of land.

One thought on “And so it starts, or, I’m thinking about the garden

  1. My new seeds are on the way! Now I have to start planning out the garden beds for this year. Good luck with your seed growing!


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