Start a discussion group?

I’m getting very close to trying to start up a discussion group about local food here in the Chicago area. I was thinking about trying to get something going at the local library for starters. I’m just getting to the point where I want to try to do something more to get the word out there about eating as locally as possible and the benefits that action provides on so many levels.

I most definitely am not a public speaker but I’m not sure how else I’m supposed to move beyond just eating locally myself. I know that helps but I just feel the need to do more. Pollan, Kingsolver, etc. have been very inspiring and I want to give something back.

Ideas are welcome 😉

4 thoughts on “Start a discussion group?

  1. Jason: Thought you’d enjoy my It should giveyou lots of ideas for discussion group topics regarding local food in Indiana.Victoria


  2. Victoria-Thanks much for the link. You’re site has a lot of really good information. You also had a lot of links to other sites that looked really interesting that I need to check out. Ugh…so many sites and such limited time…. 😉


  3. Just found your blog via fastgrowtheweeds…The Northwest Earth Institute is in the process of creating a local food guide—it’s the “Menu for the Future” topic. They have an existing infrastructure for creating local discussion groups and some great guides. I just started one in my area through a local sister organization. You can find a local circle or regional contact who might be able to help you set up your own here.Hope that helps!DanielleTouch the Earth Farm


  4. Danielle-Thanks a lot for the pointer. I will definitely check that out as I really want to get this going, even moreso after the drive I took yesterday and which I wrote about. Its just too depressing to see whats happening to the farm land around here.


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