You’re almost ready to start real school. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing. Today watching you play games on the computer I was amazed because you’ve gone from needing my help with everything to just plunging in and trying to figure it out yourself. You still needed a bit of help but that is to be expected. Never be afraid to ask for help kiddo. People sometimes are ashamed to ask for help, like it shows some kind of weakness. There is no weakness in acknowledging that you can’t possibly know everything. There is lots of wisdom in that, not weakness.

You’re also starting to want to learn to read on your own. We just picked up a book and CD called “Danny the Dinosaur” by Syd Hoff from the library. You listen to the CD and follow along in the book. I can tell you’re excited to learn to read. You love having stories read to you and I’m glad that love of reading is something you seem to have. It’s a great way to spend time.


You’re amazing me with your ability to speak and you’re picking up words at an incredible rate even if you can’t quite pronounce all of them yet 🙂 I know what you’re saying and that is all that matters. Your personality amazes me every single day. You’re so unlike me in that respect and that is just wonderful. I hope you stay that way always. I know that I used to be more like you when I was a kid. I’ve changed a lot as I’ve gotten older and not in a good way. I’m still a pretty good guy and fair but I could use some work 😉

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