Notes on JSP debugging with Weblogic 9.2 and MyEclipse 6

Here are some things I’ve found the last couple of days when trying to get JSP debugging working in MyEclispe 6 and Weblogic 9.2:

  • You don’t need to modify the weblogic.xml file
    I messed around with the settings here and took them out and debugging still worked.
  • There is an undocumented debug tag in the jsp-descriptor section of weblogic.xml. Looking at the docs it is undocumented.
    The file is checked on load to make sure there aren’t invalid tags there. debug isn’t marked as invalid.
  • Apparently JSP debug information is controlled by the session-descriptor tag and its parameter debug-enabled.
    I determined this by looking at how the weblogic.xml file was affected by changing the JSP debug flag in the administration console. The documentation really doesn’t shed much light on this.

Now, all of that being said, I don’t have any of those items in my weblogic.xml for my web application and JSP debugging still works.

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