NetBeans 6 problem: editor flags error that doesn’t show up in a compile

OK. I’m about to pull my hair out on this one because it’s driving me completely nuts.

Just a bit of background first: I’m giving NetBeans 6 a test run with the current project I’m on to compare it to Eclipse (with the MyEclipse plugins). I keep hearing great things about it and now that I have my projects set up I am noticing a very odd problem that doesn’t happen in Eclipse. We have the following code in one of our enum classes (actually this same pattern is followed in other enums as well):

private static Map byDBValue;

private AssetImporterTypeEnum(String dbvalue) {
this.dbValue = dbvalue;

if (AssetImporterTypeEnum.byDBValue == null) {
AssetImporterTypeEnum.byDBValue = new HashMap();

AssetImporterTypeEnum.byDBValue.put(dbvalue, this);

The NetBeans editor is flagging the lines that set AssetImporterTypeEnum.byDBValue as an error of type ‘illegal reference to static field from initializer’. From what I can tell this is completely legal code (enums are initialized before any static initializers are run) and the compiler output doesn’t indicate the same error. Actually the compiler output doesn’t indicate any errors. The compile is perfect. I don’t get this error in Eclipse either (neither in the editor or the compiler output)

It’s driving me crazy that I don’t really have errors in the code but the the flag is still showing up both in the editor and in the project tree. Is there some way to change this behavior? Is it a bug (I searched on the bug tracking site for netbeans with no luck)?

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