NB6: CVS module has no way to compare a file to another branch?

Once again trying out NetBeans and as a long time Eclipse/MyEclipse user I’m pretty frustrated by what seem like limitations but then I’m not sure if it really is a limitation or I’m just not seeing an option somewhere.

In Eclipse and its built-in CVS support you can easily compare a file you’re working on with another branch. This does not seem possible in NetBeans 6 and this is a huge inconvenience. Sure its fine to be able to compare to the server copy of the file in the same branch but when having to work in multiple branches at the same time its nice to be able to see changes between branches. NetBeans only seems to give me the option of switching to another branch or merge from another branch neither of which I want to do. I simply want to see what the differences are between a copy of a file in one branch to another.

Is this possible inside the NetBeans IDE?

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