Luxury items: if you can’t afford them rent them!

Clearly renting things isn’t a new idea. I lease a car because for my current situation the lease is a better option. But the key is I can afford it even if I were to have the monthly payment for owning the car.

This article points to just what is so f***ed up with America (and Western Europe for that matter). If you can’t afford a luxury item just rent it!

Isn’t a “luxury” item something that by definition you can afford? I guess that’s the old definition.

It just amazes me what people consider affordable. “Oh its only $10 a month” I get told all the time when I hear about this subscription or that subscription to some service a friend has decided on. Taken by itself that one service at $10 a month may be affordable (I subscribe to…where at least the $10 a month I pay gets me music that I own) but all those $10 a month services really start to add up quickly.

I have a friend who has satellite TV, a new HD TV set, monthly subscriptions to the Rhapsody online service, a new digital camera every once in awhile, etc. He insists that he can’t afford to save for his kid’s college fund or retirement. It just boggles my mind.

What the hell is wrong with people?

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