Remember the Milk, GMail, and GCal – the trifecta

Today I discovered that the fine folks behind Remember the Milk created an extension for Firefox that integrates the RTM task list into GMail. Quite simply this is fan-freaking-tastic. I was already using the Google Calendar “plugin” which works well but the GMail integration really is awesome since it is far more integrated into the GMail UI than is the GCal option.

As far as GTD goes though now I have a complete online environment for mail, tasks, and calendar. In fact I’m so excited by this I just decided to start getting my work email via GMail as well. It seems really silly to keep work stuff in one spot and personal stuff in another. I know that David Allen doesn’t recommend doing this and it just feels wrong. There should be no reason to have to hit multiple sources for what is essentially the same information.

Just one note about the GMail extension: please read the warning note near the bottom of the page I linked to above. If you feel squeamish about stuff like that then head for the exits and don’t install the extension.

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