If you’re going to set up a wiki (or anything like it) take the time to do it right

Had a conversation with a coworker the other day about the sorry state of our “intranet” at work. Drupal was set up prior to my having started there and to date nothing has been done to make it worth using. I mentioned that we should just get Confluence in and try it out. I’ve had lots of experience with it at my past employer and it’s fantastic software. The out-of-the-box functionality is great. Also, given that the plug-in architecture makes it very easy to add plug-ins, expanding the capabilities is very easy. Oh, and it isn’t expensive. Not free, but not expensive.

The response I received was basically that well, we had installed Drupal but we haven’t really done much with it. Ummm…yeah. That is exactly my point and why I mentioned Confluence. We don’t have the time to be dinking around with Drupal and, given that we also use JIRA it might be a good idea to give Confluence a look. Yet we keep adding documents and attachments to Drupal with no real guidelines and it’s already a mess.

I’m all for a content repository but if you’re not going to give it some love then it really isn’t any better than a shared network drive. Out of the box Confluence will index Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. so searching for stuff is really easy. Drupal? Nope. Charting of data (which we do all the time via Excel files either emailed or attached to a Drupal page)? Confluence: you bet. With a plug-in it will even chart Excel and CSV data (or SQL queries for that matter). Drupal? Nope. JasperReports (which we are starting to use for a product)? Confluence: yep. Drupal? Nope.

I guess I just don’t get it. In *my* opinion the answer is staring us in the face and its about $2,200 with source code 😉

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