JavaFX: too little too late?

I know there have been many articles discussing the point of JavaFX and is it too little too late.  After trying out AdobeAIR, and reading DIon’s comments here,  I’m throwing my own brief comment out there.

AIR is what the Java desktop experience should have been a long time ago.  I was amazed at how easy the install process for AIR was.  I already had the Flash plug-in installed (who doesn’t?) and the AIR install was a couple of simple clicks and a really fast download and I was off and running.

Maybe more specifically AIR is what Java Web Start should have been a long time ago.  Kudos to Sun to making the whole thing work a lot better but I think it’s a little too late to make any difference.  I’m just not sure how much relevance Java has on the desktop in the space AIR is sitting comfortably in at the moment.

We’re not going to write every app with AIR but that seems to be the market JavaFX is after and it seems almost ridiculous now.   I guess time will tell but I think they’re wasting resources.

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