Garden Journal: Replanting

I replanted the cucumbers and most of the peppers into bigger containers (8-1/2 ounce Styrofoam cups to be exact).  They need to get outside but I’m still not happy with the weather we’ve been having.  It has been real cool out and since I’m not too happy with the way the lettuce is looking outside at the moment everything else is staying indoors for at least another week.

Well, the onions can probably go out and I’ll probably take care of that this weekend.

One thought on “Garden Journal: Replanting

  1. Sounds like your planting is going well. I just finished putting all of my stuff in the ground yesterday, except for my melons because they haven’t even sprouted! Some things were still a bit small, but I think they were going to drown in their smaller containers outside with all the rain we’ve been having. Good luck setting your seedlings out and hardening them off!


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