I’m behind but the first garden plot is in

Was a beautiful day to get the first plot done. I know I’m way behind but I’m not sure it makes as much of a difference this year since it has been so cool for so long. In fact we’re due to get back down for a brief dip into the 50s on Tuesday again.

Anyhow I was able to get in the

* Waverex peas
* Lincoln peas
* Onions
* Hot peppers
* Bell peppers
* Carrots
* Cucumbers

The peas and carrots are from seed. The rest was started in my basement. It was time to get them in the ground though and this was a perfect opportunity because we had to clear the stuff out of the basement. We’re having our basement windows replaced on Tuesday so it had to be moved.

Next up is the second plot and hopefully we’ll get some breaks in the planned rain tomorrow so I can start working the ground.

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