All that is necessary to be a saint is to want to be one

But Lax said: “No, All that is necessary to be a saint is to want to be one. Don’t you believe that God will make you what He created you to be, if you will consent to let Him do it? All you have to do is desire it.”

So says Thomas Merton in “The Seven Storey Mountain”. I ask “is it really that easy”?

I’m not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination. Spiritual yes, but not religious. So in reading this book by Merton my eyes start to glaze over when he starts expounding the virtues of religion and the necessity of faith in God to complete one’s life. Having said that if I try to take a broader view a more interesting picture begins to take shape.

I’ve had enough experiences in my life that proves, to me at least, that there is some “higher power”. I don’t necessarily believe that higher power is God, or resembles God in any way. I don’t think this higher power is watching over us and I certainly don’t think this higher power cares about my sins. But I do think this power is available for us to channel when we need to which is why I’ve found this passage by Merton so interesting.

Is it really that obvious that by thinking about something you can make that thing happen? Is simply asking for it enough? I’ve tried and it has worked in the past. I’ve asked for proof and been given that proof but somehow I always struggle with these ideas. What, in the words of Merton, did God create me to be? How do I figure it out?

In my current situation in life I struggle a lot. Something doesn’t feel right and I feel disconnected, without purpose. Is the answer simply to stop struggling, ask for help, and just be?

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