Java Posse Podcast #188 – are you guys for real?

I was just listening to the guys describing the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen demo at JavaOne and how great it was but then lamenting that the desktop component only worked on Windows. I know these guys are developers, and I know they’re Mac heads (and in the case of Dick…a Linux guy), but c’mon. This product, while very cool for a demo to developers at JavaOne, really is geared towards business and the general public, in other words people who mainly use Windows. It’s a business and they have to sell to the market that is going to make them money.

I’m not sure how it could be so shocking that the company would market to those people first and maybe add a version of the desktop software for the Mac later. Joe mentioned that he really hated Windows. Good for you Joe and good for them you’re not the guy running the company (into the ground) by worrying about a miniscule market (the Mac) first.

Can you guys ever just point out that something only works on Windows without all of the side commentary? Given the lackluster support of Java on the Mac by Apple (ie: a small segment of the overall Mac market) I’m surprised you guys even mention this kind of stuff.

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