emusic.com cost going up – songs end up cheaper

Yeah it sounds odd doesn’t it? It’s true though.

I’ve been a subscriber for quite awhile at the $9.99 a month level. At that level I’ve been receiving 30 downloads a month which, if you do the math quickly, about $0.33 a track.

I just received a note that the cost is going up $2 a month for the basic package of 30 tracks a month. However that’s for new subscribers. For “old-timers” emusic.com is giving an extra 10 downloads a month so even though the monthly cost is going up the actual per-track price is $0.30 so I end up paying less.

They’re also giving out a one-time booster of 10 tracks next month which is quite nice.

I really wish more companies operated this way. Obviously it doesn’t cost emusic much to give their existing customers 10 extra tracks a month. Why aren’t any of the “utility” companies (cell phone, tv, etc.) doing this stuff when they can easily afford it? We all have heard the stories that it costs more to get a new customer than to retain one. Why are the utilities so damn awful then?

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