Too bad this doesn’t work on a Windows machine

John Gruber writes that there is a fix for the insanely-slow sync of the iPhone with iTunes.  Unfortunately it only works on the  Mac 😦

I actually tried this today before reading the article because I was getting slow syncs between the iPhone and my MacBook Pro.  I thought maybe the hub I had the phone plugged in to was USB 1.1-only (don’t remember that being the case but stranger things have happened) so I moved the USB cable directly to one of the ports on the MBP and the sync speed was far faster than via the USB hub.  I’m not sure why this would be aside from maybe the hub running at USB 1.1 speeds.

On my Windows machine at home where I have the same problem the same fix didn’t work.  Moving the cable directly to the PC didn’t result in a faster sync (and yes I have to sync with both).  I know for a fact that the USB hub on the PC is 2.0 so maybe thats the reason.

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