iTunes 8 on Windows Vista is garbage

Boy am I regretting installing iTunes 8 on my Vista machine. I also updated it on my MacBook Pro and I really hope that the Mac version isn’t such a mess.

How does it suck? Let me count (briefly) the ways:

  1. It appears slower in general than iTunes 7
  2. UI updating is just awful. very slow.
  3. Connecting my iPhone results in a “never-ending” sync. I say never ending because the sync icon next to the phone on the left side of the UI never goes away but the rest of the UI indicates the sync is complete. If I hit the eject icon for the phone iTunes complains a sync is still in progress.
  4. Oh, and it deleted some applications it was supposed to update.

I really, really hope they have a fast update to this because its a complete flop. Doesn’t make me too hot to install OS 2.1 on the iPhone either 😦

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14 thoughts on “iTunes 8 on Windows Vista is garbage

  1. I installed iTunes 8 on my Vista machine and it corrupted all the desktop icons. In addition, it told me and update (2.1) was available for my iPod Touch, but when I chose to install it I got a message saying the resource could not be found.


  2. My experience has been the same … iTunes 8 is a disaster! The worst part is that unless you have a recent backup of your music library, there is no way you can go back to iTunes 7, as the upgrade made permanent changes to your music database.

    I am astonished at how slow iTunes 8 is on my Vista laptop. The grid display is ridiculous — it would probably take an hour for it to update with cover art from all my albums (I only have about 30GB of music). Even then, it still must refresh each icon as you scroll up or down!

    Seriously, this thing is a resource hog of the highest order.

    Does it perform equally bad on a Mac? Needless to say, there is no way I am upgrading my iPhone firmware until I see how badly written that code is.

    I mean really, I thought bugs were supposed to be the worst immediately after a new product launch … here we are at iTunes 8 (eight!) and suddenly things have gone to crap. If the original version of iTunes worked this poorly, we’d all still have Walkmans.


  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I’m glad that I’m not alone here and not nuts 😉 Would appear that others are having problems as well and Apple has provided a ‘fix’. I have another post with the links.


  4. I’m having a similar problem. When I plug my iPhone in, itunes just freezes until I terminate it from task manager.


  5. slow slow slow

    and when it is doing something,the whole interface is frozen. Most funny is is that the cpu is not maxed out

    so clearly the application is pretty bad written. some single thread stuff that cannot take advantage of multiple cores and when it is doing some IO it doesn’t have the brains to go for any other task (e.g. handle any interrupts from the window)

    Jobs get an F this time!


  6. It sucks bug time, also on XP. It’s not even clear what the problem is- neither disc not CPU activity are visible, still UI is extremely sluggish and more or less unusable.


  7. Why don’t you all buy a newer PC to suit the newer apps. I have the latest iTunes and it runs fine in Vista x64


  8. John its a big assumption on your part that nobody else is using a newer PC. My machine is definitely newer and it had nothing to do with that. It was the USB driver. Once Apple rolled that back to the iTunes 7.7 version almost every issue I had cleared up with iTunes 8. I also believe there was another update since then.


  9. iTunes constantly freezes my vista machine at random times. Funnily enough it seems to be happier at night than first thing in the morning. It’s driving me nuts!! Does anybody else have this issue – the crash is so fundamental that the O/S freezes so nothing works at all.

    I’m thinking I might wipe the PC and re-install everything bit by bit and see when iTunes craps itself again.

    I’d pay good money if someone would rid me of this troublesome software……


  10. I have not had any issue since uninstalling it (making sure the usb driver is gone) then reinstalling a new download. The followup-is linked above.


  11. My Itunes 8.1 is also completly crashing Vista during random times, mainly when it’s downloading podcasts.


  12. iTunes is garbage! Keeps stripping album covers from my mp3s and songs I purchased off iTunes and Amazon. The album covers are there when I make the purchase and get deleted after a short time. iTunes is slow as shit! Updating apps is a pain in the ass. Updates will show up multiple times (same ones). So much crap to list!

    My laptop: Core 2 Duo 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, nVIDIA 7600.

    I will bet $$$ that Apple does this on purpose to crap on Vista!

    Never buying a Mac!


  13. The new iTunes also crashes my Vista 64 bit. It crashes the entire system, I have to do a full reset. Apple sucks the big one.


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