iPhone OS 2.1 update working as I’d hoped

Apple promised quite a bit with the 2.1 release of the iPhone and quite frankly, as a very new user of the phone, I was hoping it was going to fix all of the issues I was having with my phone.  I’m still withing the 30 day period of being able to return it to AT&T and I’ve been pretty tempted, as cool as the phone is, to return it because it can be so damn aggravating at the same time.

I’ve had lots of application crashes (Apple-provided applications and stuff from the app store on iTunes).  I’ve had awful 3G reception.  I’ve had really awful backup times for the phone.  I can’t really complain about the battery as it has been what I’ve expected.  Could it be better? Of course but since I can keep the phone plugged in most of the day at work it really isn’t an issue for me.

In walks the 2.1 OS update and I have to say that my world has changed.  Backup times are very quick.  They were brutally slow before.  3G reception has been much improved from what I can tell in the short test I’ve been able to use it where it was an issue before (lots of apparently dead spots on my train ride into work….its always worked well at home though).  I haven’t experienced as many application crashes either.  Hoping that continues 🙂

I have to say I’ve gotta give a thumbs-up to this update.  Its been a breath of fresh air in a very troubled, yet short, relationship I’ve had with the iPhone.  Who knows…it may just rescue the phone from being banished at my house 😉

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