Gotta have faith

After 25 years of being a Cub fan it’s hard to have faith at times 😉  Oh how many times have I seen them totally melt down and blow a game.

Tonight against the Mets I thought for sure in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and only 1 out in a tie game it was over.  Nope.   Bob Howry got out of it.  Before that Jeff Samardzija got out of a jam (though he did walk in the run that tied the game).  Before that Kevin Hart got out of a jam.

I should have had faith in the guys that have been winning all year.   Top of the 10th they got three runs and won the game.

This is the best team the Cubs have fielded in my lifetime.  At this point it comes down to one thing: gotta have faith.

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