New Year, Different Blog

Happy New Year!

I’ve spent my whole New Year’s Eve moving my blog 😉  I actually have several blogs out there covering various things and it’s too hard to keep them all up to date.   So they’re all being moved here but really the only one I had been updating at all recently was so all of that content is here now with redirects set up so that links in Google come here.

Why the new blog?  I got tired of the old title.  I think the new title better represents that I want everything I’m interested in writing about here in one location.   I’m curious about lots of different things.  After all the world is an interesting place.

I’ve got various things planned like graphic updates and such but for now its all the same set up as  That will work for now 😉

Still in shock that the various curiouscreature domains were available.  Thought for sure they’d have been taken but I grabbed .net, .com, and .org.  Good thing for me 😉

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