Ah kids these days (or: why the world needs classical music more than ever)

I was browsing through the iTunes Store earlier today and came across a recording of Bach pieces and it caught my eye because it was a Genius recommendation and the recording was by Capella Istropolitana, a chamber orchestra based in Bratislava, Slovakia.  I love their recordings of Baroque music and have many of their releases on the Naxos label.  This is a competent group of musicians so naturally when I saw this recording recommendation I wanted to take a look.

The recording aside I sometimes really wonder about the value of reviews in the iTunes store.  Here are two of the reviews of the recording in question:

beautiful melody
by mahh superma…

nice flowing beats that are played beautifully.

No offense to “mahh superma” but there are no beats.  The music certainly is beautiful and it is definitely played well but this is not how classical music should be described.  It’s not electronica.

We also have:

soothing and elegant
by Bballplaya

these compositions are soothing and elegant.  some are a bit choppy and rough though.

Actually none of the compositions are choppy and rough.   Bach didn’t produce a piece of music that was choppy or rough.  Certainly the orchestra may have *played* the piece inappropriately but even in then in the selection of music presented here it would be hard to play any of the pieces choppy or roughly.

I’m glad there were five reviews for this because this music needs to have an audience.   It is also quite possible these aren’t kids but based on the choice of words and the chosen nicknames it is kind of hard to assume these were reviews written by adults.

So call me elitist or whatever you’d like but kids, keep listening but learn to listen well.  And write better reviews!  This is best music of the last 1000 years.   It deserves as much!

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