It’s too much already

I’m as excited as anyone else I think about Obama being President.  Starting tomorrow we have the possibility ahead of us to heal this country after 8 years of complete mismanagement by the Bush administration.   But it worries me to see what is happening prior to the inauguration tomorrow.

All weekend cable news has been covering the inauguration when there really hasn’t been anything happening worth covering.   Certainly there have been newsworthy moments over the weekend but nothing warranting 24/7 coverage.  I just don’t get how these people do it.  The term “talking heads” certainly is appropriate.

The local coverage has also been pretty insane.   Given that I’m in the Chicago area I suspect it has been doubly intense but are constant stories about the locals travelling to Washington D.C. really necessary?  I’m happy that these folks are able to go and witness history but it isn’t newsworth to hear their stories.   I guess in the end it beats the hell out of hearing about the latest fire or shooting in Chicago but it still seems pretty extreme coverage given that nothing has happened yet.

I was at the chiropractor today and overheard a conversation between one of the patients and a therapist.  The patient explained that he really hoped Obama was going to be able to turn things around but noted that the guy doesn’t walk on water and he is afraid that too many people are getting a bit too hopeful.  I agree with him completely.  I hope Obama is going to be able to get this country back on track.   I just am trying to be realistic that it’s not going to happen in a year…or even a first term.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that other people are thinking the same thing.

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