Bring Spring on already

I’m getting pretty tired of frozen vegetables.  Sure they’re better than canned.   They’re definitely better than no vegetables.  But they sure as hell aren’t as good as fresh (duh)….and last year we had real fresh. So fresh in fact that the food miles for a good portion of our veggies amounted to about 50ft.

Last year we had a pretty successful garden and I’m ready at this point to start again.    Looking through the seed catalogs is driving me nuts.  I’m deciding on what to plant, where to plant it, and when.    The one thing I can’t do is actually plant anything 😉   I do have plans to start seed indoors again this year.   It was a successful experiment last year and I learned a thing or two (like: don’t water from the top unless you want lots of fuzz and fungus.  not a good thing to be sure).

There really is nothing like a fresh green bean.  And damn it my mouth is almost watering thinking about them.  But it seems so far off….

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