What the **** is going on with 3G on AT&T?

I have had absolutely awful 3G performance lately on my iPhone.  The stability has just been unreliable.  The phone keeps switching from 3G to EDGE at random.  Sometimes it’s even switching down to GPRS when things get really bad.

I thought it was the 2.2.1 OS update as these things seemed to start happening after I did that update.   That being said I downgraded my OS to version 2.2 because I never had these issues with that version of the OS.   I thought for awhile that it worked because it seemed to be more stable.  But after a bit of use it seems to be in the same boat as with 2.2.1 which just stinks.    I’m paying for 3G and not getting 3G.   It’s totally ridiculous.

Doing some searching it appears many others in the Chicago area are having the same problems.  I’d really love to know what is going on over at AT&T.   3G hasn’t ever been great but it’s certainly been a lot better than this.  Very frustrating.

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