David Frum, Mark Levin, and why Frum’s wife is nuts

On NewMajority.com today David Frum related the story of his “appearance” on the Mark Levin talk radio program.  While I’m not surprised at what happened  (I listened to the segment as linked) I am pretty surprised that the instigator of Frum’s call-in was his wife.

Apparently Frum’s 15-year old son heard the broadcast and tried to call in … presumably to stick up for his father.   He was denied by the producer and this prompted Frum’s wife to insist that a call to the show was necessary.   Frum says:

We argued about this. “There’s no point calling into these shows,” I said. “The host controls the mike. He rants and raves, you end up ranting and raving back – then you sound just as crazy as he does.”

Yes.  Quite right.  These shows are not designed for serious debate.  They’re designed to let the egomaniacal host have his way.   However David Frum’s wife didn’t like that response and said:

My wife (from whom Nat seems to have learned his debating tactics) insisted: “Are you afraid to do what a 15-year-old will do?” Okay, okay, I conceded: I’ll call.

I really hope he is making this up with the excuse of artistic license because not only is this a cheap shot but it’s an awful way to teach your teenager a lesson.   The smart thing, and the adult thing,  would have been to ignore it.

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